Still Rolling Stones - Lauren Daigle

Album: Look Up Child

Verse 1
Out of the shadows, bound for the gallows
A dead man walking, til love came calling
Rise up, rise up
Six feet under, I thought it was over
An answer to prayer, the voice of a Savior
Rise up, rise up
All at once, I came alive
This beating heart, these open eyes
The grave let go, the darkness should have known
You’re still rolling stones, You’re still rolling stones
Verse 2
Now that You saved me, I sing cuz You gave me
A song of revival, I put it on vinyl
Rise up, rise up
I once was blinded, but now I see it
I’ve heard about the power, and now I believe it
Rise up, Rise up
I thought that I was too far gone
For everything I’ve done wrong
Yeah I’m the one who dug this grave
But You called my name, You called my name