Beautiful Noise - KGC Surabaya

Album: Beautiful Noise
Songwriters: Maria Lipesik, Kristin Situmorang, Ricky Daniel, Stephen Djuana, Andrew Djuana, Billy Simpson, Faith Andrew, Ekli Harmony

Verse 1:
I hear this sound
It’s elevating
from deep within my soul
The sound of joy
I won’t stop singing
For my praises will never be enough for You

Verse 2:
All creatures shouting
They’re resonating to glorify Your name
The oceans roaring
The mountains singing
Still our praises will never be enough for You

And I will boast
Of all Your goodness
Your love has no ending
My God never fails me

The world will know
That You’re our freedom
You’re faithful forever
Our God is the greatest
Our God is the greatest

Let all the earth and creations
Sing in one voice make a beautiful noise
All that we see are Your great works
So now we shout make a beautiful noise