Your Word (feat. Billy Simpson)- KGC Surabaya

Album: Beautiful Noise
Songwriters: Billy Simpson, Hizkia Setiawan, Jonathan Limantara

Verse 1:
I Build my house on the rock
My confidence comes from submitting to You
Even through hurricane season
You hold me close so I will never fall

Pre Chorus:
To know Your heart
Is to know that my life is secure in You

Your Promises are yes and Amen
I’ll never question You
I’ll always follow You

And if I do not understand yet
Still I will follow You
The truth has set me free once and for all

Verse 2:
Your Thoughts are higher than mine
Your ways differ from the laws of the world
My mind has now been refined
To learn that my life cannot thrive without You

Your word creates my days
As what You said
It will not return void to You

Your word breaks every chain
And lights the path
To pursue my purpose in You

Your word renews my ways
So I can say
That I’m made in Your perfect love

Your word is who You are
Your very heart
To bring life into my future.