Nothin On Me - Courtney Adelle


The enemy ain’t got nothin on me now
No the enemy ain’t got nothin on me now
I got light in my veins and the darkness has no place
So the enemy ain’t got nothin on me now

Pain, you used to wind around me so tight
You used to have a home inside my mind
You used to make me wish away my life
Grief, I never really recognized your voice
Until you’d come around and make some noise
Reminding me of every stupid choice

I can’t believe I let you be bigger than my king
Now I can see I was made free
Just let me remind you

Pride, you rooted in my heart just like a seed
Your presence never really threatened me
Until I saw just who I’d come to be
Doubt, you struck me down just when I made my mind
And made me forget what I came to find
Well I just want to tell you not this time
Not this time

Because I’m diving deep into losing myself and just trusting
My God, my King, He’s all I need
Just let me declare that