Make A Way - Elevation Worship (feat. Chandler Moore & Brandon Lake)

Make A Way - Elevation Worship (feat. Chandler Moore & Brandon Lake)

Written by Steven Furtick, Chandler Moore, Brandon Lake, Pat Barrett, Cody Carnes

Make A Way - Elevation Worship

I know You'll come through 
This mountain is moving
I fix my eyes on You
If You said it You'll do it 

Because You are God 
No matter the odds
The outcome is always the same

The words on the pages
The promise You made us
Still have the final say

You will make a way
You always make a way

I won’t fear tomorrow
Cause You’re already in it
My hope and my future
Is already written

Nothing’s too hard for You
Impossible’s what You do
I know You’ve got this too
Impossible’s what You do